Solution Wizards for easy step-by-step application creation.

Java Bean components in a drag-and-drop palette.

Import third party components.

Visual Scripter:


Visually add functionality and logic.

Comes with built-in actions.

Simply drag and drop actions/events into scripting area to "program"


Integrated coding environment.

Easily add properties, custom events and methods.

Customizable code editor with Java syntax highlighting.

Container hierarchy makes code easy to access.

Incremental compiler saves time; increases productivity.

Cross Platform.
Develop anything, anywhere. Written entirely in Java, Super Mojo is portable to any Java supported platform.

Super Fast Compilation.
Why waste time waiting for code to compile? Super Mojo's incremental compiler works in the background. Nothing's faster.

Create Java Applications without Coding.
Simply drag and drop components and add functionality. Create great apps right out of the box. With Super Mojo's unique Visual Scripting , add commands, logic, and even call other scripts. No coding required, unless you want to!

Solution-Oriented Component System.
Java Bean component model and Visual Wizards quickly step you through creating applications. Look for plug-and-play Solution Packs that include all the components, scripts, wizards you need to create everything from three-tiered database connectivity to online catalogs.

Standard Components.
Buttons, Labels, Check Boxes, Frames, Dialogs, List Boxes, Scroll Bars, Tables, Grids, Progress Bars, Tabs, Trees, Gauges, Analog & Digital Clocks, Calendars, SMTP e-mail Component, Framed Animation, Animation Strip, Ticker Tapes, Marquee, Blinking Text, and more.

Free Information, Support and Component Repository.
Extensive documentation, online help and step-by-step examples. Includes Club Mojo for downloads and component exchange. also, access knowledge-base and priority tech support.


Super Mojo consists of three parts: the Designer with its graphical user interface (GUI) provides a visual means for building Java applets, the Visual Scripter is used to add functionality, and the Coder organizes Java objects and gives the user direct access to all aspects of code. The visual Designer and Scripter assume the role of slashing development time, and the Coder provides total application control via direct coding. As a combination, they make it very easy for developers with minimal exposure to Java to begin creating meaningful Java applets and applications within minutes of installation, yet avoid environment-imposed limitations.

To get started with Super Mojo, users simply drag and drop components in the Mojo Designer and set their properties. Then, use the Visual Scripter to add events, actions, functions, and logic. Super Mojo's extensive library of built-in components shrinks development time tremendously, even for sophisticated applications. The Visual Scripter has extensive drag-and-droppable actions. For example, some actions perform networking tasks such as initiating an FTP session or going to a particular URL. Others actions affect other components such as changing a component's property value at run time and starting and stopping an animation.

The Coder makes sure the user can access all aspects of the code whenever necessary. To keep the number of objects from becoming overwhelming, the Coder organizes them into a visible hierarchy. The developer can drill down into any object for direct coding and total control. The Coder includes a Class Finder to search for components and existing classes easily, and a way to easily create menus and dialogs. Enhanced Java syntax highlighting text editor with auto-indent has also been added.

Feature List

  • Written entirely in Java - cross platform support; portable to any OS that supports the Java VM.
  • Supports JDK1.1.1.
  • Java Bean compatible; both a Bean factory and Bean consumer.
  • Incremental compiler - compiles in background; saves time.
  • Drag-and-Droppable GUI Builder (Designer) - build user interfaces quickly and easily.
  • Drag-and-droppable actions - add functionality without touching a line of code.
  • Drag-and-droppable commands, logic, functions and calls to other scripts.
  • Third Party Component Incorporation - bring in third party components easily for a truly growable environment.
  • Extensible component-based architecture not hard-coded.
  • Class Hierarchy Browser - browse through Java classes easily.
  • Syntax Highlighting Editor - color highlighted of keywords and quoted statements and comments.
  • Override List - scan through a components list of inherited methods; alleviates the tedium of having to scan through manuals continuously for method calls and to override methods and events.
  • Parent Referencing Model - refer to other components with Mojo's innovated parent model. This is not inherent to Java itself and is Mojo specific.
  • WYSIWYG Designer - see what your Java applets and frames look like before running them in the designer as you lay them out.
  • Class Hierarchy Search - easily find components and their methods calls.
  • Great Documentation - from a writer of Sam's Publishing and other well-known C++ and Visual Basic books on the market.
  • Class and Method Browser
  • Integrated Menu-Editor
  • Multi-Platform Deployment
  • Visual Property Editor
  • Create Stand-alone Applications as well as Applets
  • Seamless Component Maker (turn anything developed into a reusable drag-and-drop component)
  • Mojo Parent Model (for easy component referencing)
  • Professional Components (grids, tabs, trees, status bars)
  • General Purpose Widgets (gauges, calendars, clocks, animations, blinking text, marquee lights)

Components included with Super Mojo:

Buttons, Check Boxes, List Boxes, Radio Buttons, Combo Boxes, Labels, Scrollbars, Dialogs and Frames, Framed Animation, Animation Strip, Calendar, Digital Clock, Tables, Grids, Progress Bar, Tabs, Tree, Blinking Text, Gauges, Marquee, Ticker Tapes, and more.

System Requirements:

  • Any platform that supports the JDK 1.1
  • 60 MB Free Hard Drive Space
  • 32 MB RAM